North Carolina groundhogs make first weather, Super Bowl predictions on Groundhog Day

ByWLOS, North Carolina
Friday, February 2, 2024
Two groundhogs made their first weather, Super Bowl predictions Friday
Two groundhogs at Chimney Rock State Park in North Carolina made their very first weather and Super Bowl predictions.

CHIMNEY ROCK STATE PARK, NC -- Two groundhogs at Chimney Rock State Park in North Carolina made their meteorological debut Friday.

The park has celebrated Groundhog Day annually for 19 years, but it's the first time onlookers got to see two groundhogs make their predictions on the holiday, as WLOS reported.

Tater and Yammy arrived at the park last summer.

Both are in captivity and can not be released back into the wild.

Tater, the male, became too dependent on humans to survive on his own, and Yammy, the female, has breathing issues because of a shortened snout.

Both of the groundhogs are known for their big personalities.

Margeau Travers, Education and Trails Manager at Chimney Rock State Park, told News 13, "Tater and Yammy are very different. Potato, or Tater, is a lot more sleepy a lot more laid back. Yammy is definitely a little more high spirited and adventurous, and she's very personable so if you stop by the park to see them she's probably going to be saying hi to you at the front of the exhibit."

Chimney Rock's mayor was on site to translate their Groundhog Day decision.

In the end, Yammy and Tater saw their shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter.

As far as Super Bowl predictions, the woodchucks are rooting for different teams.

Tater is apparently a Chiefs fan and Yammy is placing her bets on the 49ers.

The Chimney Rock staff says their groundhogs are 58% accurate on weather predictions and 62% accurate on their Super Bowl picks.