Hangover help: Advice to feel better faster

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It may be hard to tell if your headache is from a year like no other, or from celebrating the start of a new one --either way here is some advice on how to feel better faster.

If you still drank too much during your stay-at-home, socially distant New Year's Eve celebration, we have some tips to help with that everlasting hangover.

  • First, eat food! Low blood sugar levels can make hangover symptom worse;

  • Take a pain reliever. Aspirin and ibuprofen are good, but not acetaminophen;

  • Next, drink a lot of fluids, like water and Gatorade. But the best may be Pedialyte;

  • Finally, get a workout in. Endorphins and sweating out some of the booze will make you feel better.

  • One thing that may help you probably haven't thought of is:

    "Prickly pear juice. It's from a cactus that grows in the southwest and it's actually been shown to decrease inflammation," said Dr. Imran Ali, Physician Fellow at UConn Health and Mt. Siani Medical Center.

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