Heaviest pumpkin in US disqualified for fingernail-size crack

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- A Wisconsin man grew the heaviest pumpkin in the country this fall, weighing in at 2,520 pounds. However, it's not going in any record books, because it was disqualified from the competition.

"This is a giant pumpkin. Weighs in - it weighs in at about 2,520 pounds," said grower, Mike Schmit.

Despite its unmatched weight, this pumpkin won't get the recognition it deserves because it was cracked.

Schmit grew this gargantuan gourd about 30 miles west of Fond Du Lac.

"Pumpkins are like ice cream, everyone loves them," said Schmit. "Some people say we're crazy, but you know, we're just people who like to have a little fun out in the dirt."

But unfortunately, from internal pressures and the awkward way it was growing, it cracked.

"This pumpkin would have won this year and so you're looking at a pumpkin that would have been worth $20,000," he said.

That crack disqualified him from all competitions this year.

"The crack was the size of a fingernail. It happens. There's no crying in pumpkin growing," Schmit added.

Schmit grew three pumpkins this year, but each one of his pumpkins had similar fates, but there's no time to sulk.

"I know I can do it again, so we just got to look forward to the future," he said.

Hopefully, next time, he can put his name in the record books.

The Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in California pays $9 a pound to the winning gourd grower. That means, in this case, Schmit would have won a pretty penny if not for the fingernail-size crack.