Street vendor in East Hollywood helps feed the most vulnerable with community cookouts

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Thursday, January 21, 2021
A street vendor has been bringing together local chefs, volunteers to help feed the hungry

EAST HOLLYWOOD -- Heleo Leyva is a street vendor that's been keeping busy since the start of the pandemic.

Leyva has been hosting community cookouts in the East Hollywood, area of Los Angeles, along with other local volunteer chefs, to help provide food for the neighborhood's most needy, such as the elderly and homeless.

"It all starts with donations, then we buy the stuff and then we come out here and grill. And give it out to people living on the street," said Leyva.

"I thought to myself well 'I have a big grill,' and this is a way I that I can chip in and help out," said Daniel Mattern, a volunteer chef.

Weekly the group has been giving out about 130 free plates of food. Locals line up to wait for the grilled food and walk away with a good meal, which often includes chicken and meat, along with some delicious sides. Mattern says people should consider doing one thing outside of their circle to try to help someone in need and believes doing this will bring people together.