Los Angeles chefs' curated feasts delivered straight to your doorstep

LOS ANGELES -- As the pandemic continues to disrupt the restaurant industry, one culinary group reinvented itself by bringing unique cuisines - curated by chefs, purveyors, and restaurants - conveniently to your home.

Originally inspired as a grocery service with chef-curated recipes, Los Angeles based Hits Kitchen quickly morphed into a thematic food and drink delivery option for those craving something unique and tasty during the continually changing stay at home orders.

"I think that people have made their home space a lot more comforting - a lot more comfortable. So that when you do have food experience in the household, it sort of emulates the restaurant experience," said Courtney Nichols, head of creative at Hits Kitchen.

Delivered each week in box kits, the limited-edition concepts have ranged from juicy burgers to lasagna verde. It's a party in a box that includes some of food greatest hits celebrating events and holidays such as Pride and Father's Day.

"It's a different kind of experience when you include some trinkets and surprises and try to, you know, throw in a little bit of party hat if you will," said celebrity chef and team manager at Hits Kitchen, Bill Zoldan.

Prepared to be made right in your kitchen, each box includes all the instructions and ingredients showcasing a little snippet of a spotlighted chef's menu or cuisine.

"Even though it's like, you know, a home cook or whoever it might be, making it. They're not necessarily a professional chef, but the fact that they're trying something new, is like inspiring to me to keep trying new things and doing new things," said Joe Sasto, chef at Hits Kitchen and past Top Chef finalist contestant.

To learn more about the food and drink delivery service plus the latest menu collaborations, just head to hitskitchen.com.