PHOTOS: Hobart police sergeant recognized for act of kindness

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

HOBART, Ind. (WLS) -- A police sergeant in northwest Indiana is being applauded on social media for his random act of kindness toward a young boy.

Taylor Jackson said she was at a Starbucks with a friend and her son when the boy waved to a police officer sitting in his squad car.

"The officer was across the parking lot and saw my friend's son Landon from inside and took the time to drive around, park and come inside. He asked his name and had him lift his hand a promise to be good and gave him a badge," Jackson told ABC 7 Chicago. "He gave him a big hug and went on his way. Just that little gesture made Landon's whole day and he could not stop talking about it and how he wanted to be a cop!"

Jackson didn't even have time to get the officer's name before he left. She shared the story on Facebook as a way to thank him, and later found out that it was Sgt. Dave Brinkley of the Hobart Police Department whom they had encountered that day.

"Thank you to all of the amazing officers who are excellent at their job and are loving to the people of their community!" Jackson wrote on Facebook. Her post has been shared more than 200 times and gotten more than 600 likes in the last 24 hours.