Sam's Toy Box: Toys for every budget

CHICAGO (WLS) -- If you're scrambling to figure out what to get your kids for the holidays you are in luck. Consumer Reporter Samantha Chatman is opening the toy box she has the hottest toys of 2019.

Toy expert Laurie Schact has spent several months trying out thousands of toys to come up with a list.



-Now introducing the UnboxMe Girls! The UnboxMe Girls come with 1 ALL NEW exclusive
Boxy Girl, and each doll is 8 inches tall with articulated arms, legs, hips, wrists and heads.
-With 36 different dolls to collect, unbox a vast variety of shoes, hair, makeup and clothes with these exciting additions to the Boxy Girls line.
-Age: 6+
-MSRP: $9.99
-Available: Target


-Classic puzzle fun becomes an adventure in pixelated creativity!
-This set comes with 700 vibrant, precision-cut micro jigsaw pieces. Follow the instructions to transform the tiny pixel puzzle pieces into vibrant designs.
-Build a cat and a dog with the Playful Pets set! Or why not get creative and invent your own designs or why not collect them all, combine them all, and build something HUGE?
-All Jixels hold together strong - no ironing needed! And they fit together easily without any frustration.
-Let your big ideas shine bright with Jixels!
-Age: 6+
-MSRP: $9.95
-Available:, Amazon



-The Tiny Tukkins Play House Playset includes a soft, plush animal family, play accessories, clothes for the family and more!
-Includes Dad, Mom and Baby plush characters.
-Removable clothes and a set of pajamas for both Mom and Dad and a removable diaper for Baby.
-Pull down bed and crib to tuck the family in.
-Soft blankets for Mom and Dad and Baby.
-Bottle and play accessories for baby.
-Wardrobe to hang clothes up.
Age: 4+
MSRP: $24.99
Available: Amazon, Walmart

Let it Fly (Maya Toys)

-Come on, don't be shy! This is the game where you splat the fly! This two-player game will have you dodging flies in no time.
-Pick whether you want to be the Attacking Player or the Blocking Player and take your position.
-The first player to get the WIN icon wins that round.
-Switch positions and repeat!
-The first player to win 3 rounds wins the game!
-Age: 8+
-MSRP: $19.99
-Available: Target


Christmas Bakery with Cookie Cutters (Playmobil)

-Bake delicious treats at the Christmas Bakery with Cookie Cutters.
-Here, Santa and his helper elves prepare delicious holiday treats.
-Inside the bakery, you will find a bustling cookie workshop, complete with three different stations for each step of cookie making and baking tools like a rolling pin and cookie cutters.
-The large oven has lots of room for all the Christmas cookies!
-When baking is complete, send the goodies down the chute, where they can be easily gathered into the basket.
-With removable cookie cutters and PLAYMOBIL face stamp, you can make your own PLAYMOBIL cookies!
-Set includes Santa, two elves, cookie cutters, cookie stamp, ladder, mailbox, work table, baked goods, recipe book, baking ingredients, oven spatula, cat, and other accessories.
-Age: 4+
-MSRP: $49.99



-A tri-level playset packed with authentic details, which includes animal and human figures along with a wide array of accessories for hours of immersive horse-themed play.
-The newest addition to the Horse Club series of beautifully-detailed animal figures and playsets, this set includes moveable stairs and an adjustable hose for washing the horses, a secret door that leads to the loft, and more.
-Age: 5-12
-MSRP: $129.99
-Available:, Amazon
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