Hoverboard explodes in Orland Park home

ORLAND PARK, Ill. (WLS) -- A hoverboard exploded while charging inside a home in southwest suburban Orland Park Sunday evening.

The charred hoverboard came close to burning down the home.

Shanna Abraham, 13, says it was a late Christmas gift that arrived seven days ago.

On Sunday, she plugged it into a regular outlet to charge it by the couch when her mom smelled smoke, saw sparks and then flames. The woman's hand was burned.

"I was shaking. I was terrified. It was scary," Shanna said.

The family said the hoverboard exploded four times before they were able to get it out of the house.
One of the fiery pieces launched into the couch, which caught fire. The curtains also caught fire, and so did the side of the wall.

"Pieces from the hoverboard, like, exploded, flying everywhere. And it was like, ashes everywhere," Shanna said.

The popular self-balancing riding devices have been implicated in multiple fires and explosions. So far, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has investigated 40 incidents.

The Smart Balance Wheel is on the list of manufacturers under investigation.

And now Amazon is offering full refunds on hoverboards, which can sell for more than $300.

"It's really dangerous. Be careful and if you ever wanted to get one, I would recommend not," Shanna said.
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