Creators of new Hulu show, 'Death and Other Details,' discuss solving the murder mystery

ByHosea Sanders and Marsha Jordan WLS logo
Wednesday, January 17, 2024
'Death and Other Details' creators discuss solving the murder mystery
Creators of a new Hulu show share their inspiration and tips for solving the murder mystery.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A new Hulu series just debuted to great reviews. "Death and Other Details" is a mystery about a luxury ship full of murder suspects.

The show's creators, Heidi Cole McAdams and Mike Weiss, joined Hosea Sanders to share how they were inspired to come up with the mysteries that unravel in the show.

Weiss shared, "We wanted to build out an elegant, sophisticated romantic world, and take an audience on vacation with us, for 10 episodes. We wanted to tell a very contemporary story that takes place in 2024 but pays homage to that golden age of detective fiction."

The mystery surrounds a passenger that is killed while on a sailing trip, and everyone becomes a suspect trying to escape the blame.

Weiss suggests paying close attention to the details to solve the mystery as the story plays out, saying, "If they pay attention, the details are there. You can solve the murder by the end."

McAdams said she studied murder mysteries in college.

"That was my concentration as an English major. I've loved murder mysteries forever, but I'd never actually written one before," she said.

Both McAdams and Weiss are familiar with Chicago.

"I wrote for 'Chicago P.D.' for a number of years. I think a Chicago audience is a very humanistic audience; I think they are going to be there for memorable characters, and they want to be there for a story that has real teeth," Weiss said. "I think the Chicago audience is going to be quite there for this."