Hush Trips: Growing trend among 'work from home' employees getting more difficult to pull off

44% of Gen Zers say they've taken a 'hush trip,' data shows

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Saturday, August 19, 2023
Why hush trips are getting harder to get away with
Work from home can mean anywhere for some remote and hybrid workers and it's leading to a popular trend called hush trips.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- For many remote and hybrid workers, one benefit of working from home is that "home" can be anywhere.

This has led to a rise in a popular workplace trend called "hush trips." It is when employees work from a vacation spot, while their bosses think they are working from home.

According to new data from Resume Builder, 44% of Gen Zers say they've taken a "hush trip," while another survey reveals 1 in 10 workers of all ages have taken one. However, these quiet getaways may raise some concerns with employers.

Chicago staffing expert Jason Wachtel with JW Michaels discuss the pros and cons of this latest trend and why taking a "hush trip" is getting harder for employees to pull off.