Lawsuits claim clinic let unlicensed doctor slip through cracks

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ByJason Knowles and Ann Pistone WLS logo
Friday, April 22, 2016
Lawsuits: Clinic led unlicensed doctor slip through cracks
In new court filings, Scott C. Redman's patients are blaming a medical facility where the unlicensed doctor worked.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The I-Team is uncovering new details about a man accused of "playing psychiatrist" and putting people's health at risk.

In new court filings, his patients are blaming a medical facility where the unlicensed doctor worked. The feds say that 44 patients, including a 9-year-old, were prescribed drugs by the fake psychiatrist.

Now, several are filing lawsuits saying a North Side clinic, let a fraud slip through the cracks.

"They were given medications that often times worsened their conditions. That were not the correct medications for the conditions they were being treated for," attorney Ken Hoffman said.

Hoffman is representing five patients who are all suing the Clarity Clinic on the city's Near North Side. That's because Hoffman says the clinic should have stopped Scott C. Redman from practicing as a psychiatrist.

THE U.S. Department of Justice says Redman practiced using a real physician's name and medical ID number.

"If Clarity Clinic had done a simple background check - a simple, thorough , proper background check - this whole situation would have been avoided," Hoffman said.

Hoffman points to a federal complaint which alleges that Redman didn't even use the correct personal information as the "real doctor" to register with the DEA - and that real doctor actually works at Stroger Hospital.

Jason Knowles asks: "So what could the clinic have done differently to discover he was a fraud?"

"They could have done a background check to realize the social security number and dates of birth on the application did not match up," Hoffman said.

The I-Team has been uncovering Redman's past for months.

In 2010, Florida regulators said he submitted fraudulent information about a master's degree he never obtained. In 2014, South Holland police say they found fake degrees. Redman pleaded guilty to "rendering psychological services without a license" to Kathy Baran.

"He scarred me deeply. He hurt me deeply," Baran said.

In May 2014, Illinois issued a cease and desist order, saying Redman holds no license to act as a psychologist.

And in February 2016, Redman was charged with "licensing act violations" in Oak Lawn.

And shortly after, that federal arrest for handing out prescriptions.

Knowles asks: "Was their health truly at risk?

"Each of clients I met with feel the trust was violated, that their privacy was violated. They went to seek help from a clinic they thought was respectful and reputable place. Instead, they were treated by someone who was a complete and total fraud who endangered their lives with improper medication," Hoffman said.

Clarity Clinic's attorney would not comment on our story and Redman's public defender did not get back to us.

Redman is in custody. He has pleaded not guilty but faces four years in prison for the federal charge.