Chicago-area charity hopes to evacuate pediatrician working in Gaza's Adwan Hospital, stormed by IDF

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Local charity to evacuate doctor from Gaza hospital stormed by IDF
There is concern Wednesday for the wellbeing of Chicago-area medical personnel working in Gaza.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There is concern Wednesday for the wellbeing of Chicago-area medical personnel working in Gaza.

A doctor for MedGlobal, a humanitarian organization based in the suburbs, has reported Israeli forces have entered a hospital in northern Gaza following days of siege, shelling and air strikes.

Despite worldwide calls for a ceasefire, Israel's assault on Gaza continues to show no signs of slowing down.

Israel defense forces said they are operating with precision based on intelligence. U.S. officials told ABC News that Israel has started to flood the complex maze of Hamas tunnels with sea water.

Much of Gaza is decimated. Nearly 18-and-a-half thousand people have been killed so far, according to Hamas. The United nations said more than half of all Gazans are at risk of starvation.

"There is already an area that has poor access to health because of the years of blockade and war, and now you have this war that closes two thirds of healthcare system in Gaza," MedGlobal president, Dr. Zaher Sahloul, said.

In the last 24 hours, Dr. Shaloul said they have gotten desperate messages from staff at Adwan Hospital.

"We are really worried about the patients, the doctors, the communities and what will come next, which may be even worse," Dr. Shaloul said.

He said an attack on the hospital forced those able to leave to evacuate, but MedGlobal's pediatrician is staying with the children in the ICU who can't be moved.

"I hope we have an urgent humanitarian cease fire," Dr. Shaloul said. "We would like the patients, their doctors and nurses to be evacuated out properly and safely."

Previously, al-Shifa Hospital was targeted. IDF and Israel securities authority reported Hamas tunnels were discovered underneath that hospital.

MedGlobal is working to have their pediatrician evacuated. The organization is planning another in mission in January, if it is safe enough to bring in personnel and supplies.