Addison father, 30, relearning to walk after spending 2 months hospitalized with COVID-19

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
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Addison father, Jonathan Davila, 30, warns COVID-19 is real after spending nearly two months hospitalized and several weeks unconscious.

WHEATON, Ill. (WLS) -- An Addison man is now being treated at a west suburban rehabilitation facility after being hospitalized since March with COVID-19.

Jonathan Davila, 30, says his family is what keeps him going.

"My wife and my kids, they're my life, so that's why I push on," said Davila.

The only time he has seen his three kids in person was for a few minutes outside, as he was transferred from Elmhurst Hospital to Marianjoy Rehab in Wheaton, two months ago.

At first he said he thought it was a bad cold, but it got worse and he ended up going to the emergency room.

Within 24 hours, Davila was on a ventilator and unconscious for several weeks.

At Marianjoy, he is now relearning how to walk and spends at least three hours a day in therapy.

"The extent of his illness is profound, he has weakness in all of his limbs, when I first met him he could barely lift his arms off the bed," said Dr. Robin Cohen, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital.

Davila's wife, Ashley King, and the kids have all tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies but none had serious symptoms, and they never knew they had it.

"That's the scariest part you never know who it's going to hit," said King.

Davila says his mission now is to warn people that Covid-19 is real... and wearing a mask is important, even for young people.

"I was healthy and I got it, and I got it pretty bad," said Davila.

Davila is scheduled to go home next month, but doctors say he still has a long road to recovery.