Some Chicago marijuana dispensaries low on supply; $10.8M in pot products sold since Jan. 1

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's been less than a week since recreational marijuana went on sale in Illinois and already there are supply issues.

The demand is so high, many dispensaries have sold out of recreational marijuana, so customers will have to wait for some dispensaries to restock.

Perhaps that shouldn't be a surprise; according to Governor JB Pritzker's office, more than $10.8 million worth of pot products have been sold in the state since legalization on Jan. 1.

Dispensaries in the state recorded 271,169 transactions totaling $10,830,667.91 in that five-day period.

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Midway Dispensary ran out of product for their recreational use customers Sunday. Signs were up all around the store saying that to stay in compliance with the law, they have to have a 30-day inventory at all times for medical patients, and because of that they have to stop selling to recreational customers.

"We exceeded our expectations about how much stuff we had, and the number of purchasers we were allowed to service, so that was a good thing," said Neal McQueney, the dispensary's owner.

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Midway expects to sell recreational pot again on January 10.

"But be patient. Wait for the cultivators, the license cultivators medical to continue to grow and produce their stocks so they can transfer it to dispensaries for adult-use sales," McQueney said.
But Midway Dispensary isn't alone.

Dispensary 33 in Uptown said it's out of recreational marijuana until the middle of next week.

THC Dispensary on the Near West Side said it's giving medical patients priority. The dispensary ran out of recreational marijuana on Sunday, but hope to have the product by Monday morning.

Others, like Illinois Sunnyside Dispensaries say they are closing Monday to give staff a break from five straight days of 14-hour shifts serving 10,000 customers. They have not run out of recreational pot. The Lakeview, Elmwood Park, Rockford and Champaign locations will also close.

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There are others across the city who have also have to replenish.
Chris Hedberg said he's been lining up for recreational weed since legalization, but he hasn't been having much success.

"Kind of expected that to be the case, you know, it is popular and now it is legal in Chicago, so it makes sense that it would sell out pretty fast," Hedberg said.

There are others across the city who have also have to replenish.

The Cannabis Business Association of Illinois, the industry's professional association, said the first license to grow recreational was awarded only last summer. With dispensaries purchasing from cultivators, it takes time to develop the supply chain.

Sales were close to $5.5 million across that state in the first two days of last week.
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