Glencoe filmmaker discusses new documentary, 'In Search of Greatness'

GLENCOE, Ill. (WLS) -- "In Search of Greatness," a new documentary that charts the rise of sports greats, opened Friday.

Filmmaker Gabe Polsky grew up in Glencoe along Chicago's North Shore and sat down with ABC7's Janet Davies.

Polsky went to New Trier and Yale. He said he loved sports as a child, excelled at hockey and has always been fascinated by the pursuit of excellence.

"You look at guys like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, all these guys were doing unbelievable creative things on the field," Polsky said. "But at the same time, growing up, the coaching and development - there's very little emphasis on creative development and using your imagination."

Polsky said that what sets the greats apart is a willingness to transform gameplay to players' strengths.

"When you're the greatest in any field, they're the ones who were non conformists, breaking boundaries and inventing new ways of thinking and doing things," Polsky said.
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