Sunday alcohol sales begin in Indiana

A toast went up across Indiana Sunday as liquor and grocery stores sold alcohol on a Sunday for the first time ever.

At Paradise Liquors in Whiting, Indiana, customers came out just for the experience of making a purchase on Sunday.

"People didn't really even come to get a lot of things, they just wanted to feel how it felt to be here on a Sunday," said Paradise Liquors employee Jacqueline Herrera.

Carryout alcohol can now be sold between noon and eight p.m. every Sunday in Indiana.

Governor Eric Holcomb posted his own shopping trip on Twitter.

"I work in Chicago and I live in Indiana," said Michelle Valente. "So I was always jealous of everybody I worked with because they can do whatever they wanted on Sundays, and me, I had to drive into Illinois."

Across the border at Banner Liquors in Chicago's East Side neighborhood, one third of their Sunday business comes from Indiana.

"In the morning we would have a rush hour, we open around 11 o'clock," said a Banner employee. "By then there is at least five or six customers waiting out the door. Now when I came in this morning, no one was here."

But if today was a sign of what's to come at Paradise Liquors, the new law will be good for the bottom line.
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