Jackie Robinson West's accomplishments spark hope for Chicago kids

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Jackie Robinson West's thrilling accomplishments sparked hope that their example could fuel the dreams of other children. If you're sitting at home wondering, how can I help, what can I do? There are plenty of opportunities.

There's a bit of a rivalry between JRW on the South Side and Horner Park on the North Side, which is the home field for 500 kids, 30 teams, and numerous life lessons.

"Baseball means friendship, making friends, learning new stuff every day. Just coming here to have fun and do the thing that I love to do," said Ferdinand Centeno, Horner Park North-West player.

"Even if you aren't good at something when you start it, you can always get better at it and achieve your goals," said Tibe Rwakatare, Horner Park North-West player.

That's why adults want to keep this program, and programs like it, going strong.

"They are playing baseball, they don't have to worry about the trouble that is out on the streets. The gang bangers, they know, they stay on the opposite side of the park," said Shawn Gable, Horner Park North-West Coach.

But there are financial challenges.

"Everybody needs more money," said Francisco Perez, Horner Park North-West president.

Some kids can't afford to play. That's why White Sox Charities is involved.

"When you start to think about 70+ scholarships over the past six years, that has resulted from this program, it starts to make a difference," said Kenny Williams, White Sox.

Cubs Charities has helped softball and disabled teams, as well as baseball players.

"We want to make sure that our fans and supporters of the Chicago Cubs are making donations that go right to the community," said Julian Green, VP of communications, Chicago Cubs.

After all, that's what it's all about. As for the JRW victory:

Centeno said, "It inspired me a lot to play baseball even harder and get better at it."

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