Photo of 'JAWS crib' with witty caption gains attention from parents, shark lovers

Monday, October 3, 2016
Great white shark

Many parents have a great decorating nurseries for their little ones. A Facebook photo of a particularly epic crib shows how much fun one family had - and their fondness for sharks.

The Facebook page for Mary Lee, a Great white shark being tracked by the research group OCEARCH, posted this photo Sunday:

The photo of the "JAWS crib" has been shared hundreds of times, WVEC-TV reports. Mark Melaccio commented on the photo, saying it features his son, Mikey, who has become a huge fan of sharks. He said it was built by Mikey's uncle, Joseph Reginella.

Mary Lee was tagged in Cape Cod on Sept. 17, 2012. She is about 16 ft. long and weighs 3,456 pounds, according to Since scientists began tracking her, she has traveled more than 34,175 miles up and down the eastern seaboard and further east into the north Atlantic Ocean.

Mary Lee was named after the mother of OCEARCH founding chairman and expedition leader Chris Fischer, the website said.

OCEARCH is an organization that tracks Great white and Tiger sharks and started offering open source data about those animals in 2015. Check out the Global Shark Tracker to see where each shark is in real time.