Judge mulls woman's sentence for handcuffing 3-year-old son's ankles

HOUSTON, Texas -- A Houston judge is considering what punishment a woman should face after she permanently disfigured her 3-year-old son by handcuffing his ankles.

Prosecutors said Savanna Coats and her husband couldn't find the keys to those handcuffs last August, but instead of calling 911, they used a grinder to try and remove the cuffs.

The cuffs were apparently so tight, they caused permanent damage to the boy.

Police said the boy was held down for five hours, causing him more injuries.

Coats only got help for her son after his wounds became infected, according to investigators.

Investigators said Coats told them she feared CPS would get involved if she called police for help.

A doctor testified the child showed signs of being restrained around the neck, because he had broken blood vessels in his neck and eyes.

The judge is expected to deliver his sentence on Friday.

The case against Coats' husband is pending.
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