Yoga teacher accused of murdering pro cyclist caught after fleeing from officers: VIDEO

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Sunday, October 15, 2023
Suspect in pro cyclist's murder flees from officers: VIDEO
Who is Kaitlin Armstrong? The woman accused of murdering pro cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson was caught after fleeing from officers in Austin, Texas.

AUSTIN, Texas -- A yoga teacher charged with murdering a professional cyclist was caught after trying to escape from authorities. It appears she could have been planning it for a while.

On Sunday morning, officials detailed how they say murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong pulled off an escape. Video shows her trying to jump a fence.

Armstrong is accused of murdering pro cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson last year. Officials say Armstrong believed Wilson was romantically involved with her boyfriend.

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An affidavit now details the 35-year-old put in a "medical request restricting the use of leg restraints," and then "utilized an injury complaint," getting herself an appointment outside the prison in Austin, Texas.

Law enforcement said as they escorted the former yoga instructor from the doctor's office to the car, she bolted.

"Typically, when we have high-profile crimes as this, this type of information about a defendant can be very damaging, because any time anyone is seeking to escape custody, typically points towards their guilty behavior," said ABC News contributor and The Cochran Firm Managing Partner Channa Lloyd.

The affidavit said she "attempted to scale a 6-foot fence" and that one officer pulled her down, "causing both to fall to the ground." He advised her to get to her feet, but she "began to flee again."

They said Kaitlin ran a mile away, stripping off her prisoner uniform and even freeing a hand before being caught.

Officials later discovered Kaitlin had a metal pen and dental floss in her cell, they say, were manipulated in a way that could remove a handcuff.

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Officials closely combed through video, which they said shows Kaitlin had been "exercising vigorously" for months.

"This affidavit is all about Mrs. Armstrong's attempt to escape authorities and to go somewhere else. She was clearly intentional about trying to get away from authorities," Lloyd said.

It's not the first time Kaitlin was accused of running away.

Police said days after Wilson's death, Armstrong fled to Costa Rica, using someone else's passport and altering her appearance to look like the photo in it.

She was caught six weeks later.