1 year since Jacob Blake's shooting by Kenosha police, what has changed?

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021
One  year after Jacob Blake shooting, what has changed?
One year ago Jacob Blake was shot by a Kenosha police officer, who remains on the force.

KENOSHA, Wis. (WLS) -- Open wounds are still healing over in Kenosha.

"It was ugly," said Porche Bennett. "From day one until it calmed down, it was ugly. But it's still ugly because people still act the wy they act."

One year ago Monday night, a Kenosha police officer repeatedly shot Jacob Blake as he got into his car and leaned toward the floor. Blake's young children were just feet away in the back seat.

"They're still in therapy," said uncle Justin Blake. "Seeing your father shot right in front of you, it has changed their life forever."

Video of that shooting ignited and uprising in the small lakefront city. Protesters marched and set fire to local businesses. Some boarded up in fear and protection, and many remain as obvious scabs in the city.

But it was also the start of a fresh movement. Community groups mobilized voter drives.

"There was definitely wood behind the shed," Justin Blake said. "Little Jake might have been the kindling that struck it off, but there was issues that needed to be addressed many years ago. Many organizations popping up, saying 'we're not going to accept this.'"

Rustin Sheskey is still a Kenosha police officer, but police in the city are all scheduled to wear body cameras by the end of the year. Kenosha County deputies already are.

"We have seen the beginning of change, leaning toward change," Justin Blake said. "Change doesn't come quickly. It's not an avalanche."