2 Kenosha police officers suspended after violent wrongful arrest at Applebee's caught on camera

Couple Jermella English, Shanya Boyd still facing charges, according to court documents

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Sunday, November 19, 2023
2 WI cops suspended after violent wrongful arrest caught on camera
Two Kenosha, Wisconsin police officers have been suspended after a violent wrongful arrest at an Applebee's was caught on video.

KENOSHA, Wis. (WLS) -- Two Wisconsin police officers have been suspended after a violent wrongful arrest was caught on camera in July, Kenosha Police Chief Patrick D. Patton said in a statement and video announcement on Saturday.

The incident took place on July 20, when several Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie police officers came into the Applebee's in search of a Black man, woman and child, who they believed had escaped the scene of a nearby hit-and-run.

The video in the player above is from a previous report.

They were pointed in the direction of Jermella English, his child and his partner, Shanya Boyd, the only Black family sitting in the restaurant at that time.

The violent takedown of English took place moments later. An Applebee's employee captured English being forcibly detained and violently beaten by Kenosha police while holding his 1-year-old baby, Taquarius, in his arms.

Kenosha police officers were caught on video forcefully arresting a Black man, who was holding a baby, inside an Applebee's.

Patton said the hit-and-run suspect was eventually found hiding in the restaurant.

Months later, Patton said a review by the Kenosha and West Allis found that two officers, who he identified only by their last names, Courtier and Vences, violated Kenosha Police Department policies.

Vences received a four-day suspension. Patton said Vences' initial use-of-force was reasonable, but he should have "re-evaluated the effectiveness of those strikes" and "considered other options to overcome Mr. English's resistance." Vences also failed to complete a report that met Kenosha Police Department standards.

Courtier received a 10-day suspension. Patton said Courtier failed to decontaminate Boyd after using pepper spray, and did not meet Kenosha Police Department standards for professional communication, safely operating department vehicles and writing reports.

The announcement came after English's loved ones called for the officers involved to be disciplined.

Activists are calling for the discipline of Kenosha, Wisconsin police officers after the violent wrongful arrest of Jermella English in an Applebee's.

"The Kenosha Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality service to its citizens and guests. We strive to train our officers to the highest standard and will hold them accountable if they fall short of those standards. In addition to the suspension time both officers are receiving supplemental training to correct the deficiencies that were identified in their response to this situation," Patton said, in part.

English and Boyd were charged with resisting an officer and disorderly conduct. According to court documents, those charges have not been dropped.

The couple's attorney released a statement on Patton's announcement, saying, in part, "It is clear that the Chief's actions in putting out this video makes a lawsuit against the department an absolute necessity. The lawsuit will not only be for monetary compensation for the violation of this family's civil rights but will also seek injunctive relief demanding that a federal judge order and oversee police changes within the Kenosha police department to prevent the recurrent abuses to the public's civil rights."

Kenosha police said they will not be commenting further in their investigation.