Kevin Hart talks 'Night School,' running Chicago marathon

"Night School" is Kevin Hart's latest laugh fest and it opens Friday.

Janet Davies talked to the funny man about getting physical in the comedy and gearing up for running the Chicago Marathon.

In "Night School," Tiffany Haddish plays the teacher who won't put up with any nonsense from this bunch.

Janet Davies: "You a co-writer on it, you were very generous with the lines you gave your cast."

Kevin Hart: "Look, I can give you funny and I can put it down... I think funny evolves as more funny minds come into play."

Davies: "Do you push your MMA down trying to tussle with Tiffany?"

Hart: "Well you know I'm a nice guy, you see my shoulders, I don't have to tell you what I'm capable of. There were moments when I asked myself, should I take her out, do I choke Tiffany out? No, Kevin, that's not right!"

Hart really is all about fitness. He not only showed off at Wrigley over the summer, Kevin spent time here gearing up for his next challenge

Davies: "You're coming back to do the Marathon, what's your regimen like, how are you training?"

Hart: "The thing about Kevin Hart is, if you don't mind me talking in the third person, I am what you would call an alien, because there's not a lot of people like me. I'm actually I'm going to run the marathon and I fly to do a show that night after the marathon, which is unheard of, but just makes an amazing story, that's what I do."
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