Knuffle Bunny coming to Northbrook Theatre as sensory-friendly show

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (WLS) -- The Northbrook Theatre is bringing a childhood favorite to life and children's theater more inclusive.

As ABC 7's Mark Rivera reports the story of Knuffle Bunny is live on stage and includes a sensory friendly performance everyone can enjoy.

The story of a little girl who loses her favorite stuffed bunny is coming to the stage at the Northbrook Theatre.

"I think the thing that makes this story so popular is that it is about a family dynamic," said Randy White, director of Knuffle Bunny. "It's about a mum and dad trying to figure out how to be good parents and a little girl that teaches them lessons along the way that they don't know are coming. The family dynamic is all about the love and the turmoil and troubles in family life."

Children and families will enjoy the colorful sets and upbeat music as the characters make their way across the stage and into the audience.

"We've done it in a way that is very inclusive of the audience," White said. "We are very much out there with the audience and inviting the kids into the story."

To make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy the theatre is offering a sensory friendly show this Sunday.

"We play the sound more quietly," said Northbrook Theatre Technical Supervisor Kurt Ottinger. "If there are extreme lighting effects we dim those or cut them all together, o there is nothing startling for the children."

The lobby will be available during the performance as a quiet space for anyone who needs to take a break, you are free to leave your seat during the performance and you are welcome to bring your own seat cushions, comfort objects and extra support items to the sensory friendly show.

"This is something new we started on the last show," White said. "Sensory friendly is really becoming a very important part of children's theater across the country. It's so important to be inclusive to children that have a different way of experiencing theater. 00:03:45:45

This Sunday's sensory friendly show is at 2 p.m. at the Northbrook Theatre. For more information, visit
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