Man killed trying to stop laptop theft at Starbucks: Police

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A man died Tuesday after he chased down a suspect or suspects who stole his laptop at a Starbucks in Oakland, California.

Witnesses described the man as young, in his 20s or 30s. He died of severe head injuries after being taken to a hospital.

Witnesses said he was working on his laptop at the Starbucks near a window when his computer was taken. He chased the suspects outside to their getaway car, police said.

Police will not confirm what happened next, but witnesses claim the man approached the getaway car and may have grabbed a door handle in an effort to get his laptop back. They say the car accelerated, causing the man to slam his head into a parked car.

Maria Chan, who runs a florist shop near the incident, described seeing a body lying on the street.

"He was bleeding only from the head. His face was purple and blue. Fortunately, someone tried to do first aid to help him," said Chan.

Police say city firefighters witnessed some of the crime and immediately rendered first aid. The suspect or suspects got away.

Police are checking video from many of the surveillance cameras nearby, but they have not yet released a vehicle description.
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