Dipped, dunked or filled, these Logan Square cookies are bursting with flavor

Sunday, November 1, 2020
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While they make about 30 flavors, there's more to them than just chocolate chips or sprinkles.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- While the kids have been trick-or-treating this week, or at the very least, indulging in candy, our Hungry Hound has been tasting some unique cookies in Logan Square. Not only are there dozens of flavors, but all of them come stuffed with something a little extra.

For a finance major-turned-entrepreneur, Hallie Schwartz admits opening her business Sweet Shot Cookies was a risk, even in the best of times.

"Right in the beginning of COVID I was honestly terrified, and I didn't really know what was going to happen. A lot of people were just looking for a good, warm dessert that would make them happy," she said.

With help from her family, the cookie store along West Armitage is now selling in-person, as well as online. And while they make about 30 flavors, there's more to them than just chocolate chips or sprinkles.

"We fill each individual cookie with a different filling. We use a syringe, kind of like a cookie Pop-Tart. There's not that many cookies out there where you get a different taste in every bite," Schwartz said.

That could mean s'mores flavors stuffed with marshmallow or confetti cookies stuffed with Nutella. When fully loaded, the cookies resemble a volcano filling with excess lava. Her PB&J is among the most popular.

"There's homemade peanut brittle on the top and then insides there's peanut butter and jelly," she said.

Cookies are showered in graham crackers, dipped and dunked in frosting, or simply filled. They also make cookie cakes, which take several days to make, so you gotta order ahead of time. But imagine a multi-layered "cake" consisting only of cookies and ganache.

"They're three-layer cookie cakes, so they're only made of cookie layers."

You can also buy single slices to go. When you do pick them up, try to get them warm, because while you can always heat them up at home, it'll be hard not to eat one in the car.

Injecting them in the middle is all part of the plan.

"We do it right in the middle, not on the sides so that it will droop out. If you do it in the middle it looks like it baked in there with the cookie even though it didn't. And then when you split it open you'll get a real even split," Schwartz said.

So like a lot of businesses that have opened during the pandemic, the easiest way to find out how to get these cookies and where they're going to be, is to go to their Instagram page @sweetshotcookies. There you'll find all the latest information on their hours, however, you can typically just walk right up here Thursday through Saturday, and even sometimes during the week as well.

The company also has mini cookie sets for sale at Foxtrot Markets in the city, as well as Sunset Foods locations in the suburbs.

Sweet Shot Cookies

3211 W. Armitage Ave.