Delta launches new bag-tracking app

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016
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Delta Airlines launched Tuesday new technology that allows passengers to track their bags during their entire trip.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- AAA said nearly 200,000 people in Illinois plan to catch a flight for the holidays. But lost luggage can ruin even the most well-planned trip. Delta Airlines launched Tuesday new technology to keep track of travelers' checked bags.

Delta passengers can now keep tabs on where their luggage is, from the moment the bag is checked to the minute it arrives at their destination, with a new app. The technology is worth $50 million.

The new tracking system includes a chip that's embedded into luggage tags. Each chip contains a traveler's information.

The chip will get scanned on the conveyor belt as it is being loaded onto the plane. If the bag is on the wrong flight, the belt will actually stop, notifying the worker there is something wrong.

Delta officials said the number of lost bags is expected drop by up to 20 percent.

It's great news for passengers, especially those that have had their luggage lost before.

"For frequent travelers, like myself, to be able to track it on your phone is fabulous. It gives you an extra added sense of security that when you get on the other side of the world, or wherever you're going, your bag will be with you," said Terry Walker, a frequent flier.