SPOOK-TACULAR MACARONS: Daly City bakery creates scary good macarons for Halloween

ByMelissa Pixcar Localish logo
Thursday, October 31, 2019
Daly City bakery creates Boo-tiful Macarons for Halloween
Ketsourine Macarons in Daly City is putting the spookiness into their bakery by creating Halloween-themed macarons.

DALY CITY, Calif. -- No tricks just treats at Ketsourine Macarons in Daly City, California. This bakery creates an unique style of Halloween-inspired goodies for the spooky season. Ketsourine Nguyen, owner of the bakery, showcases her pastry-decorating skills by adding spine-chilling characters to her macarons.

Ketsourine bakes and decorates a bevy of spooky inspired macarons including Day of the Dead sugar skulls, Mickey Mouse in costume and churros covered in frosting made to look like a mummy.

"Our macarons are unique mainly because of our character macarons and our unique flavors," said her husband, Phi Nguyen, co-owner of Ketsourine Macarons. "We are one of the only shops that do the character macarons and we just like to incorporate Halloween theme onto popular characters."

Ketsourine discovered her love for macarons when her husband brought a box home from the local mall.

"At first I thought that they were way too cute and pretty for me to eat," said Ketsourine. "Finally, when I took a bite of them, I fell in love with the texture and the taste of them. Then I started making them."

Shortly after her discovery, Ketsourine found her passion for making macarons. Fast forward to six years later, the Nguyens have their own family business that they have always dreamed of.

"It has always been our dream, we always talked about having our own business," said Phi Nguyen. "It came at the perfect time. This store would have never have happened if she didn't eat that one macaron thought I bought for her. Things would probably be so different."

After two years of being in business, Ketsourine decided to add trending characters to her macarons. She posted her new designs on Instagram and the phone orders started coming in droves.

"We had to be unique to build our brand and the character macarons blew our brand up," said Phi Nguyen. "Having this shop become this surreal thing is very exciting. Ketsourine had a passion for food and I had a passion to open a business. Opening this shop allowed this opportunity for both our dreams to become one."

To find or visit Ketsourine Macarons, go to their website.