Made in Chicago: Local innovators using crowdfunding products

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Made in Chicago
Made in Chicago

Chicagoans are creative and innovative - and we check out some really cool crowdfunding projects that are all made or created in Chicago!

Do you love a glass of wine, but hate how the sulfates make you feel? Well Northwestern grad, James Kornacki came up with the solution! His aunt refused a glass of wine, because of the sulfates - and with a chemistry background, he set out to solve the problem. Now he has created Ullo - a wine purifier that will revolutionize the way you drink wine.

Crowdfunding: Kickstarter
Price range - $79.99 - $149.99

For more about Ullo, visit:

In keeping with the beverage theme, Chicago inventor Joel Paglione has a couple of products that will change the way you beverage!

The levitating cup is just that - a cup that is gravity defying drinkware. Why? Why not - it really amps up the beverage experience. There is one base, then multiple options of the glassware itself - from coffee mugs, to beer, cocktail and even an ice cream dish. The bases come in wired or wireless options.

Crowdfunding: Indiegogo

Price range - from $59 for a glass, from $129 for the base

For more about the levitating cup visit, visit

Visit the Indiegogo page:

Another Joel invention is the Oak Bottle. Many beverages like wines and whiskey are aged in oak barrels. It gives them a certain richness and flavor. But less expensive versions don't have that richness, but Joel came up with an individual bottle made out of oak that can give you that richer flavor - in a fraction of the time! You can have them custom engraved, and they even have "flavored" version if you love a certain flavor.

Crowdfunding: Indiegogo

Price range - $39.95 - $129.95

Visit the Oak Bottle website:

Now you have all the beverages - you need the latest sound, and old is new again. There has been a resurgence of vinyl records coming back into vogue and the team at Gramovox came up with a new spin on the old favorite - and it's vertical! Made right here in Chicago. The wooden base is taken up a notch with different woods.

Crowd funding: Kickstarter
Price range - $499

To find out more about Gramovox, visit: