Make money on your cash: How to turn dollars into hundreds

Here's how to make money on your money.

Check your dollar bills to see if there's anything strange about the serial numbers.

The blog The Penny Hoarder says look for these quirky serial numbers.

- 7 repeating digits like zero and then seven 9s.
- 7 of a kind.
- Check your bills for what are known as super repeaters, like 67676767.
- Double quads like four zeros and then four 9s.

Some of these rare or quirky serial numbers can make your dollar bills worth $500 or more to collectors.

Now, if you want to take this to the next level, check $100 bills, too.

An auction dealer from Dallas says the very first bill from the redesigned 2013 bill could be worth $15,000. That bill has a serial number with seven zeros followed by a one.
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