Man snatches puppy from front yard while owner is home

DENVER -- A homeowner is pleading to get his dog back after she was snatched from his front yard.

Surveillance video shows a black pickup truck pull up to Yoann Hispa's home. Hispa's 7-month-old puppy Zoe is sitting outside while a package is nearby on the porch.

A man gets out of the vehicle, walks up to the puppy and snatches her off her leash.

Hispa was working from home at the time, but he said he was on a call and didn't see his pet get taken.

A neighbor saw the incident and tried to stop the man. He couldn't get to him in time.

"Please give us our dog back. I know that people who are willing to do that are in desperate situations, so I feel bad for them. But, this is our dog. This is our family member. We have emotional connections," Hispa said.
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