Chicago's first all female Mariachi band paves way, inspires young women

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Seven women have come together to create Chicago's first all-female mariachi group, known as the Mariachi Sirenas.

Their love of music and their culture drives them to set an example for the next generation.

The group, comprised of many first generation Mexican-Americans, came together just two years ago with their first practice on International Women's Day. The day was not only a fun coincidence but also a powerful statement for them.

"I think for women it is very empowering, and not just for women but for young girls to see that you can do this. You can go ahead and do," said Mariachi Sirenas' violinist and vocalist Ibet Herrera. "We get that reaction a lot for younger girls that see us and it's almost like we're a celebrity, and we're like, 'no, no, we're very much real. You can do this if you want to.'"

The name Mariachi Sirenas comes with a double meaning. One part is derived from the mythical creature, the siren or the mermaid, and the other is for the power of their voices.

"Sirenas translates to sirens. Making noise, and doing something new and progressive in the city of Chicago," said Mariachi Sirenas' music director Eréndira Izguerra.

The traditional sound is familiar but for those creating it, it's a first. The women of Mariachi Sirenas are proud to be paving the way.

"To have this now, and be able to do what we all like to do and make a statement in the city that we live, I think is pretty awesome and I love doing that," Herrera said.

You can catch Mariachi Sirenas perform on November 2 at 6:30 p.m. at Piotrowski Park in Little Village.
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