New Metra ad campaign reminds commuters to 'ride nice'

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Monday, July 11, 2016
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Metra riders are being warned about their rude behavior as the rail line rolls out a new courtesy campaign.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Metra has a friendly reminder to people who forgot to bring their manners on board. An ad campaign called "Ride Nice" was formed in response to complaints from customers about other commuters who are not on their best behavior.

"We think it's important. We think it's got a little humor and also a little seriousness to it so we're excited about it," Metra Executive Director Don Orseno said.

the ad is a series of fake tweets about the five most complained about offenses seen on trains - things like talking too loudly on cell phones, saving seats on a crowded car, putting feet on seats and trimming nails or beards.

"Not everybody does that, but sometimes you forget you're on the train because it's so comfortable that you think you're in your home," Orseno said.

Metra said it was important to use some humor to strike the right tone. It follows the award-winning courtesy campaign launched last year by the CTA, which also depicted riders behaving badly. So far, Metra riders think the ads are a good idea.

"That's not what the train is about. It's to take you from work to home, not to clip your toe nails," rider John Johnson said.

"I think that's a good idea. I think people get fed up at the end of the day especially riders that feel comfortable riding Metra," rider Bijan Parandeh said.

"It's always good when people are good and treat people with respect and decency," rider Ken Kalis said.

The ads were rolled out Monday. Eventually, placards will be put in all Metra trains. The ads can also be seen on Metra's social media.