Milwaukee police officer surprises mom of 5 with gift instead of ticket

MILWAUKEE, WIs. -- It started with a traffic stop and ended with an act of kindness.

Andrella Jackson is a busy mom with five kids working hard to make ends meet.

"I just got the car to try to get us through the winter time," Jackson said.

When she got pulled over for a traffic stop Saturday, she said she assumed the worst.

"I just knew he was gonna be one of them police that was gonna be like, 'oh yeah she's getting a ticket,'" Jackson said.

However, Milwaukee officer Kevin Zimmerman has other plans in mind.

When Officer Zimmerman pulled Jackson over, he noticed her kids were not in car seats.

Jackson said Officer Zimmerman then went to Walmart and showed up at her door with brand new car seats.

"Instead of the tickets or anything, I got car seats," Jackson said. "I was surprised, like I had tears coming down."

Jackson shared her experience on Facebook and the post got more than 700 shares.

"I am a dad of three kids and can't imagine anything happening to them or not being able to have them secured in their car seats," Officer Zimmerman said.

Jackson said she wants people to know that, "every cop is not bad, you can't judge all cops off of one cop."

"I was trained by the academy and my parents to do the right thing even if no one is looking," Officer Zimmerman added.