Mini Library Mission brings together Mount Prospect community

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. (WLS) -- The community of Mount Prospect is coming together for a special mission, and it's all about learning and literacy.

A stay at home dad built a mini library at the request of his wife and from there the Mini Library Mission was born.

A mission that is not only building libraries but building a community together.

"People are like, 'hey are you that guy? The library guy,'" Joey Carbone described. "'Yeah that's me, Good to meet ya'll.'"

Carbone is the architect behind the Mount Prospect Mini Library Mission. He uses donated wood, shingles and nails to create small libraries that are now carefully placed in the front lawns around the neighborhood.

"I'll build you one if I can I have enough materials," Carbone said. "One lady donated a bunch of plywood, another lady dropped off screws, some lady had extra glue laying around and it just kind of blew up from there."

What started as a summer project for his family in June has now grown to 14 mini libraries in place with another 79 requests to go.

Each library unique to its owner, with some even decked out in technology like solar and motion lights. The designs are intricate but the concept is simple. Give a book, take a book.

Friends and neighbors said they appreciate the work Joey is doing.

"It's really brought everybody together," said Jaime Rische. "I think it's a beautiful thing to have everyone work on a project that's family oriented and literacy oriented. It's just a really positive thing we can all do together."

"At the rate he's going there is going to be one on every single block," said Jon Kahney. "Kids who read are kids who succeed. In Mount Prospect we're a very caring community, and we want good schools and all of our kids to succeed."

The neighborhood gives Joey the credit for all the hard work but when you ask him, he said it's a team effort.

"Honestly just everyone coming together. I really didn't expect just the generosity of the neighbors," Carbone said. "Everyone helping in ways that they can. Whatever they can, whether its plugging in numbers into google maps, whether it's bringing shingles over or a few screws left over...I'm gaining all these awesome friends through this in the last couple months it's a really amazing thing."

One of the neighbors has even created a google map that shows where the mini libraries are located and where one is coming soon.
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