Driver survives fiery truck crash on Minnesota highway: 'It's a burnt out mess' | Video

Other driver involved in Minnesota highway crash suspected of DUI

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Truck driver survives fiery MN crash: 'It's a burnt out mess' | Video
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"It came so quick I really didn't have time to react," he said.

BLAINE, Minn. -- A truck driver said he's lucky to be alive after a fiery crash in Minnesota Monday that was all caught on camera.

The video shows a white car lose control on a ramp, and end up directly in the path of the box truck, KSTP reported.

The truck hits the car, loses control and smashes into the side of a bridge, nearly barreling over the edge.

That's when the truck bursts into flames.

The man behind of the wheel of the truck, and his wife, said an angel was watching over the driver.

"Actually it came so quick I really didn't have time to react," truck driver Mitchell Moore said. "All I saw was rocks and dirt. The next thing I know I'm getting hit, and I'm getting pushed over another lane."

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He tried to steer the truck but couldn't.

"It actually broke the front wheels off the truck, and it stayed on the truck long enough for me to impact on the bridge," Moore said.

As the truck burst into flames, Moore feared he was going over the highway bridge onto the roadway below.

"Cause I figured if I went over the bridge that would have been the end of it," he said.

Moore quickly got out, with fire and black smoke engulfing the truck.

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"They (flames) were coming up on the driver's side first, and I was going to try and get out that way and realized that wasn't a good option so then I just went out the passenger side," he said.

Seconds later, the truck literally went up in flames.

"It's a burnt out mess," Moore said.

The front cab is barely recognizable.

Moore's mom said he's a walking miracle, and his wife said angels were watching over him.

"Heart dropped," his wife said. "Like you don't know how anyone would come out of something like that. I'm grateful you made it out of it."

State patrol said they believe the driver of the car that hit Moore's truck was under the influence of alcohol.

She suffered non-life threatening injuries.