Mom faceplants in sand during daughter's proposal video

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Bridgett Clark/YouTube

ST JOSEPH, Mich. -- This mom inadvertently created the perfect distraction so her daughter's boyfriend could pop the question, and she got to watch the scene play out from an unusual vantage point: the ground.

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Eva Clark faceplanted in the middle of her daughter's Breanne's proposal video. Her other daughter, Bridgett, turned the camera on while the family was enjoying some quality time on the shores of Lake Michigan.

In the beginning of the video, Bridgett, seemingly in on the surprise, is trying to film Breanne and her boyfriend, Bill Devaney, but mom keeps scurrying in and out of the frame. In her haste, Eva's shoe gets caught on a rock and she takes a mighty tumble, crashing face first into the sand.

While family members attend to Eva and make sure she is all right, Devaney takes advantage of the chaos to get down on one knee without Breanne noticing. Bridgett can see that mom's mishap is not the most eventful thing happening in the frame and tries to bring everyone's attention back to the proposal.

She first alerts her sister, who laughs even harder at the timing and covers her face with her shirt.

When Breanne has turned around to accept the proposal, Bridgett says, "Mom, mom, look at your daughter."

Breanne accepts as everyone continues their giggle fest.

And if you're worried anything was bruised besides Eva's pride, don't be. She posted the incident as her Facebook profile picture. To friends' concerns, she commented, "NO injury, just embarrassment :)"

At least Devaney can be sure he's marrying into a family that knows how to laugh at themselves.