Daughter confronts mommy blogger about online posts

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

In this age of social media, parents post about their kids.

From baby pictures to cute posts about school, maybe some embarrassing moments, it's all become habit and part of our digital culture.

One mom's blog in the Washington Post is making some waves and making a lot of us think about what we post about our little ones.

Christie Tate says when her fourth grade daughter stumbled on her mom's posts over the years she was furious.

She says her daughter asked to her to stop writing about her life and posting pictures of her.

Tate is a blogger, and says she always grappled about the ethics of it and how her kids would feel when they were grown.

She says she told her daughter the truth about her work.

As a writer, she says she is not done exploring motherhood and she can't promise she won't touch on her own life, and that includes her kids.

But she did make a promise: As a family, as a team, she would now ask her daughter's permission going forward.