Subaru, Pontiac and Scion amongst highest ticketed cars in the U.S.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014
Cars with the highest percentage of traffic tickets - 20. Toyota Prius C - 27.0%
19. Infiniti QX56/QX80: 27.1%
18. Saturn Aura: 27.1%
17. Mitsubishi 3000GT: 27.4%
16. MINI Cooper S Countryman: 27.5%
15. Pontiac G8: 27.7%
14. Scion xA: 27.8%
13. Suzuki Reno: 28.1%
12. Volkswagen GTI: 28.1%
11. Hyundai Veloster: 28.1%
10. Mazda2: 28.1%
9. Toyota FJ Cruiser: 28.4%
8. Scion tC: 28.8%
7. Mercury Topaz: 28.8%
6. Volkswagen Rabbit: 29.6%
5. Subaru Tribeca: 29.7%
4. Toyota Supra: 30.8%
3. Scion FR-S: 32.6%
2. Pontiac GTO: 32.7%
1. Subaru WRX: 3.6%
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Cars with the highest percentage of traffic tickets - 20. Toyota Prius C - 27.0%
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Watch your speed Subaru WRX owners, you may be in for a traffic ticket.

A recent survey provided by, a car insurance comparison-shopping website, looked at over 500 car models and over 550,000 drivers from January 2013 to January 2014 to determine which were the most ticked vehicles in the U.S. The top was the Subaru WRX, with 33.6% of owners having a recent traffic violation.

Other cars that rounded up the list include Toyota models like the Supra, FJ Cruiser, and Prius C. Scion had a strong showing on the list as well, with 32.6% owners of its FR-S having recent traffic violations. Interesting to note though that no sports cars in the top 20. The Dodge Viper was actually one of the least ticketed cars in the country with 5.3%.

The data shouldn't suggest though that the cars themselves are inherently prone to more tickets, as it is the driver behind the vehicle who makes the choices that lead to traffic violations. But it's interesting to see which car models have continued to earn high percentage of traffic tickets. Take a look at the gallery above to see the most ticketed vehicles in the U.S.