About ABC 7 Chicago

ABC7Chicago.com is the website for ABC7/WLS-TV, the Midwest flagship of the ABC Owned Television Stations Group, which is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

The station's newsroom and studios are located in the Loop in downtown Chicago.

ABC7 leads the market in local news coverage and boasts a legacy of excellence, consistently holding the number one position for more than three decades.

190 North State Street
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: (312) 750-7777

Breaking News Hotline: (312) 750-7070

President & General Manager: John Idler
VP & News Director: Jennifer Graves
Assistant News Director: Sarah Burke

Executive Producer of Digital Media: Jennifer Hoppenstedt
Assignment Manager: Adriana Cortez

More ABC7 Information:

Watch the live newcast and view the ABC7 News schedule here: https://abc7chicago.com/watch/live

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View WLS-TV's quarterly Children's Television Programming Reports on the FCC website here: https://abc7chicago.com/family/childrens-programming-notice/1513008

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