Manhunt underway for accused killer mistakenly released from state custody

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A murder suspect on the loose, but he didn't run from police. Instead, he walked right out of jail.

Garrett Glover, 29, is an accused murderer. He is supposed to be locked up at Cook County Jail, held on $2 million bond.

Glover spent the last two years serving time for attempted armed robbery and is accused in the 2012 murder of a man shot and killed on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Late last week, a Cook County judge sentenced Glover to four years in state prison for the attempted robbery charge.

On Friday, he was transported to state prison. Authorities there determined Glover had already served enough time to be eligible for parole. He was released .

Cook County Sheriff's officials said Glover should have been sent back to their custody. The time he'd served only counted for the separate armed robbery charge.

In a statement from the Illinois Corrections Department, officials said they "did not receive any additional documentation or information indicating he should be held beyond his February 24th, 2017 release date."

Authorities are searching for him. He is supposed to be back in court April 4.

Anyone with information about Glover's whereabouts should immediately contact the Cook County Sheriff's Command Center at 773-674-0169.
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