Street sweeping begins early in Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Spring cleaning is underway on the streets of Chicago as the city has gotten an early start on sweeping after snow kept crews off the roads for much of the winter.

You may have noticed the accumulated litter and debris along curbs, medians and viaducts now that the snow and ice have melted. Still, that humming sound making its way down the street won't pass by often during daylight hours.

Up to 45 overnight crews will get a head start on Chicago's dirtiest streets from 4-7 a.m. every weekday until April 1. That's to take advantage of the overnight parking ban still in effect. Regular street sweeping resumes at the start of next month.

Some streets have permanently posted signs that outline days when parking is prohibited for street sweeping as well as temporary parking restriction signs; those will go up a day before crews tackle a given area.

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