Uber driver fights off 2 men attempting to carjack him in South Loop

CHICAGO (WLS) -- An Uber driver fought off two men attempting to carjack him early Wednesday in Chicago's South Loop.

The attempted carjacking happened near 820 South Michigan Avenue at about 3 a.m. Haider Abbas was parked in front of a Columbia College building taking a cigarette break and waiting for his next passenger when he noticed a car pull up behind him and park.

One man stuck a gun inside his open window and pointed it at Abbas' head, Abbas said.

"I see the guy coming at me...put the gun right in my face and said get out of the car right now," he said.

That's when Abbas decided to fight back.

"I looked at him, hit him, tried to snatch his gun out of his hand," said Abbas.

With his other hand, Abbas said he managed to start his car. Once he got the gun out of his face, he was able to hit the gas and take off in his car, but the driver in the suspect's car quickly blocked his escape, denting the front of Abbas' car.

After that, Abbas backed up and got away. He started following the suspect's car while he dialed 911, determined not to back down, he said.

"I was terrified, gun in my face," said Abbas. "This is my car, I wasn't going to let him take it."

Multiple security cameras line that part of Michigan Avenue, but none of them have captured the incident. Police were still looking for the suspects Wednesday afternoon. null
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