Victim says CPD was right in handling of robbery suspect

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A day after dashcam video of a violent confrontation between a woman and Chicago police in 2011 was released, a woman who witnessed the robbery who led to the confrontation spoke publicly with ABC7.

Martha Osborn was in a McDonald's in the Portage Park neighborhood on May 25, 2011 when Floyd May allegedly robbed the restaurant. He then jumped into a vehicle driven by Tiffani Jacobs.

Osborn then called police and gave them a description of the vehicle.

Police pulled over the vehicle driven by Jacobs and dashcam video shows the officers throwing her to the ground as they arrest her.

CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson called the arrest "concerning" and has ordered a new review of the two officers, who were previously cleared of wrong-doing five years ago. The officers have been relieved of duties pending an investigation.

Osborn said police did the right thing. In recalling the robbery, she said that may grabbed her to use her as a pawn while he robbed the McDonalds, telling the cashier "If you don't give me the money I'm going to shoot her." She said he had a gun in the left side of her back and said, "Gimme the money, gimme the money, the cash, the cash in the drawer."

But her family is not convinced that the arrest was appropriate. Jacobs was shot by police before cameras started rolling.

"I just want justice for my daughter," said Sandra Jones, Jacob's mother. "She is not a criminal, she just got herself in to a bad situation with a man."

Meanwhile, Osborn is reliving the robbery and is haunted by the image of the man who robbed her.

"The girl had a gun, my wallet and the money from this restaurant when she was stopped," Osborn said. "Her mother is spoon feeding a banquet full of bologna to the general public."
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