Wicker Park carjacking caught on security video

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Home security cameras caught a couple being carjacked in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood just moments after parking their car on the street.

The terrifying encounter has the neighborhood on edge.

"I thought I was safe in this neighborhood, and now knowing that this can happen just around the corner from me, it's pretty scary to hear that," said Caroline Craig, resident.

The incident happened Friday, July 7, just before midnight in the 1700-block of West Julian Street. The victims, a man and a woman, had just gotten out of their car. After locking the doors, they're suddenly rushed by two thieves in hoodies.

The male victim runs away, but when he realizes his female companion is cornered he circles back only to have a gun pointed at his face.

The woman hands over the keys and leaves in fear, and the carjackers get in the sedan and drive away. The entire encounter lasted a mere 20 seconds.

"You've got homes here north of $2 million, and people want to feel safe on the streets, not worry about their car being jacked," said Ross Babel, who works in Wicker Park.

The theft is the latest in a rash of carjackings that have spared no corner of the city.

"I know there's a lot of things going on through the city, and it was just unusual. We feel pretty safe on the street," said Leah Knepper, Wicker Park resident.

Police said the two victims were not seriously injured. There may have been a third suspect involved, a lookout, who left in a dark-colored vehicle.
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