Wilmette homeowners on alert after string of burglaries.

WILMETTE, Ill. (WLS) -- Homeowners are on alert in north suburban Wilmette after a string of burglaries, including one incident in which a homeowner actually walked in while the burglars were there.

The burglaries all happened Friday evening. Wilmette police still don't have much more information after a weekend of investigation, and said there is no specific rhyme or reason as to the locations chosen, which are all across the city.

"My husband called me that they break on my neighbors, but my neighbor was home," said Lucia Composto.

The invader chose a home in the 3400-block of Wilmette Avenue, but it wasn't empty.

"It looked like the person run away because realized the house wasn't empty," Composto said.

In the span of four hours, between 6 and 10 p.m., police said a thief broke into four more homes across the town, including on the 900-block of Hunter Road.

"It's kind of concerning. This area has been a very nice area and I feel really safe in the area. I don't have alarm system because I mostly stay home. I do lock my doors if I'm home," said Ping Yu, resident.

In one case said the thief was in fact able to get in through an unlocked door. The common denominator between all homes chosen, police said, was they sat completely dark - inside and out.

"We always have lights on the outside, so now my neighbor has lights outside too because it was pretty dark before," Composto said.

Police have no surveillance photos, no pictures and don't know how many people were involved in the burglaries. They are relying on information from the public and asking for people to keep their lights on, inside and out, and to keep their doors locked even if they're home.
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