Women to gather, march after inauguration day

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Thousands of women will gather in Chicago and hundreds of other places across the country this weekend to send a message to President-elect Donald Trump with several days of events.

While inauguration practice was underway in Washington Monday, back in a rainy Chicago, organizers of the Women's March on Chicago were taking a site survey of Grant Park to get ready for their event.

Liz Radford, a novice at organizing such an event, decided to get involved after the November election.

"Like many people I was upset about the negative rhetoric and actions of the campaign cycle," Radford said.

Similar to the Washington march planned for the day after the inauguration, the Chicago rally and march is about fighting for women and human rights. Radford expects thousands to show up to the event, which will kick off on Jackson and Lake Shore Drive just south of the Petrillo Music Shell, and end there after a march through the Loop past the Federal Plaza.

"This women's march is a really good rallying point so that women come together and energize each other," Radford said.

While Radford planned for Saturday, Chicago author Molly Page organized another nationwide event planned for Chicago on inauguration day, called One 20.

"We don't care how you voted if you are willing to stand side by side and do good in the community," said Page.

Also an event organizer novice and someone who was turned off by the negative election, Page said One 20 is about spending inauguration day away from the TV and doing acts of kindness instead.

"We hope when people open up their social media they are full with acts of kindness instead of screaming at each other from behind their keyboards," said Page.

Page plans to spend inauguration day taping gift cards to grocery carts, dropping off quarters at laundromats and doing some volunteer work at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

She and organizers of the Women's March on Chicago hope their events will inspire others to get involved beyond this weekend. null
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