Boat stuck above Niagara Falls for more than 100 years finally moves

ONTARIO, CANADA -- A boat that has been stuck on some rocks atop Niagara Falls for more than 100 years has finally shifted.

Heavy wind and rain from a strong storm on Halloween shifted the boat, according to Niagara Parks Commission senior manager of heritage Jim Hill.

The boat was flipped on its side, spun around and moved more than 150 feet down the river.

Experts said they aren't sure at this time if the flow of the river will continue to move the boat closer to, and eventually over, the falls.

"It could be stuck there for days or it could be stuck there for years," Hill said. "It's anyone's guess."

According to ABC News, the boat is an Iron Scow--a flat-bottomed ship used to carry cargo in shallow water during the 19th and 20th centuries. The scow got stuck August 1918 when it broke loose from a towing tug.
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