33 arrested in Niles protest at Woodward Manufacturing, accuse company of complicity in Gaza war

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Wednesday, February 7, 2024
33 arrested in Niles protest at Woodward Manufacturing
Thirty-three people were arrested at a Niles protest outside Woodward Manufacturing, who they accused of making bomb kits used in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

NILES, Ill. (WLS) -- A group of young protesters demonstrated outside Woodward Manufacturing in Niles, alleging some of the products they manufacture are bomb kits being used in Gaza.

About 100 people showed up at the company's site in Niles, blocking off all intersections leading into the property.

"More than 27,000 Palestinians have been killed in the last three months, over 11,000 children have been killed in those three months and Woodward, Boeing and other companies that have contracts with Israel are complicit," said Mahmoud Abe, protester.

Police said seven men and 26 women were arrested during the protest, which became hostile at times with people sitting in the middle of the road, holding signs in front of officers.

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Protesters said it was important for them to send this message in hopes of ending the violence in the Middle East.

"We just want our demands to be met. We want Woodward to end its contract with Boeing. We want Woodward to end its contract with Israel. We want an immediate and unconditional cease-fire now," Abe said.

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ABC7 has reached out to Woodward for comment on the protest, but have not heard back.