Evanston protestors demand Northwestern University abolish police department

EVANSTON, Ill. (WLS) -- Protests to abolish university police continued Monday evening at Northwestern University and areas near the campus in north suburban Evanston.

Over the weekend, protestors demanded the removal of the Northwestern University Police Department.

President and Professor Morton Schapiro responded to the community Monday afternoon in an email, stating that it would not abolish NUPD.

"We, as a University, recognize the many injustices faced by Black and other marginalized groups. We also acknowledge that the policing and criminal justice system in our country is too often stacked against those same communities. Your concerns are valid and necessary, and we encourage and, in fact, rely on your active engagement with us to make your school and our society equitable and safe for everyone. That said, while the University has every intention to continue improving NUPD, we have absolutely no intention to abolish it," Schapiro wrote.
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